Meet the future of tech internships.

Spend 12 weeks leveling up your software engineering skills by contributing to the Open Source software the world depends on.

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Royal Bank of Canada

A world-class internship, as close as your laptop.

The MLH Fellowship is an internship alternative for software engineers. Instead of working on a project for just one company, you'll contribute to Open Source projects that are used by companies around the world. You'll collaborate with a group of 10 students under the guidance of a professional mentor whose only job is to help you successfully contribute.

Contribute to software that makes it to production.

You'll work on Open Source projects that companies actually depend on, not a side project that never sees the light of day.

Access to expert mentorship, exactly when you need it.

You'll have access to a full-time technical mentor whose job is to help you. No more waiting around for your manager.

Designed to be fun, collaborative, & educational from the start.

Remotely doesn't mean lonely. You'll get to collaborate with a group of 10 students who are contributing to the same projects that you are.

All that, and so much more.

We know the factors that add up to a great internship experience & designed our program from the ground up to recreate them:

Latest & Greatest Tech.

Work with the technologies you care about. We'll match you with a project that lets you put your skills and interests into practice.

More Than Just Coding.

You'll get to learn all the skills that Open Source maintainers put into practice every single day, giving you a well-rounded education.

Remote By Design.

Being remote isn't an afterthought. Our program was designed to be global and teach students how to be great remote collaborators.

Monthly Stipend.

Learn and earn at the same time. You'll receive a stipend to help cover your basic living expenses while you're participating in the program.

Educational Focus.

Level up your software engineering skills by participating in workshops, lunch & learns, and hackathons designed to teach real-world skills.

Perfect Resume Addition.

You'll walk away from the program with a clear addition to your resume. Employers will be excited to see so many amazing contributions.

Ready to level up?

Apply today & hear back by May 24th.