Learn software engineering through open source projects.

A fully remote, 12-week internship alternative where participants earn a stipend and learn to collaborate on real open source projects with peers and engineers from top companies.

MLH Fellows

Collaborate with engineers from

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Amazon Web Services
Royal Bank of Canada
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Learn by doing, not by watching.

We pair fun, educational curriculum with real-world practical experience. It's collaborative, remote, & happens under the guidance of expert mentors.

Gain Real-World Experience.

Contribute to projects that people depend on, not a side project that never sees the light of day.

You'll collaborate on projects that are sourced directly from our corporate partners. Whether you're contributing to a major Open Source technology or a new greenfield project, you'll be solving a real-world need with technologies that employers care about.
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Learn while you Earn.

Invest in yourself & your future career today.

We offer fellows an educational stipend to help offset expenses while they participate in the program. You'll be able to focus on putting what you learn into practice so you can launch your career in Software Engineering once you graduate.
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Join a Community.

Don't go alone. You'll join a network of other talented builders & professional mentors.

You'll join a small group of other aspiring software engineers who will become your day-to-day support network. When you need help, you'll have direct access to a team of professional mentors who can get you back on track.

Explore Fellowship Tracks

Select a program track that fits your career goals & interests.

Fellowship Track

Software Engineering

For aspiring Software Engineers who want to experience what it's like to collaborate on real-world projects from our partners.

Fellowship Track

Site Reliability Engineering

For aspiring SREs who want to learn the skills required to keep systems running at scale.

Fellowship Track

Web3 Engineering

For hackers who want to dive deep into blockchain technology.

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