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Partner with Major League Hacking to hire the next generation of technology talent. 500,000 diverse developers have launched their careers with MLH. Discover how to connect with our exceptional technical talent pool.

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Technical roles are among the hardest positions to fill. We can help you achieve your headcount & DEI goals.

We partner with employers to build a drop-in, scalable talent pipeline of developers who they can hire to hit the ground running. Efficiently fill your headcount or reach your representation and parity goals with exceptional candidates. Find out what makes our candidates exceptional:

Diverse Candidates

The MLH community is more than 2x as diverse as your average US Computer Science classroom.

Real-World Experience

MLH Fellows know the rigors of collaborating on engineering teams beyond the classroom, and have the hard & soft skills to succeed.

Tech Languages

Our community has experience in a variety of languages & tools such as Python, JavaScript, Java, C/C++, C#, and many more.

Worldwide Talent Pool

MLH is a global presence. We can provide quality candidates across key geographies and time zones to meet your expansion needs.

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Meet the MLH Community

1 in 3 US Computer Science graduates is an MLH community member. Our diverse and vibrant community provides a highly qualified talent pool of active job-seekers. Here are some fast stats about our community:


actively job-seeking within the next 12 months


want MLH to introduce them to potential employers


are from underrepresented groups in technology


identify as female, non-binary, or other


are BIPOC (black, indigenous, or people of color including LatinX & AAPI)

How it Works

MLH can support your talent acquisition and engineering teams:

Step 1

Craft an Ideal Candidate Profile

We work together to create an ideal candidate profile to make sure you only meet highly qualified candidates.

Step 2

Build Relationships & Brand Awareness

You'll have opportunities to meet our community and boost your brand at a variety of events.

Step 3

Interview & Hire

We will connect you with highly qualified candidates who understand your brand, based on the profile you made.

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