Level up your Software Engineering skills by Exploring Technologies.

The MLH Explorer Fellowship is a 12 week internship alternative for students interested in becoming software engineers. You'll build out your portfolio of personal projects & experiment with new technologies by collaborating in small groups on a series of short hackathon sprints.

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Retrospective Week
Capture the Flag
Week 1
Week 2 - 11
Week 11
Weeks 12
Week 12+

Upcoming Fellowship Batches

This program offers both full-time & part-time options year round.

Summer 2021May 31 – August 23May 10thApply
Fall 2021September 20 - Dec 13September 3rdApply

Fill out your portfolio with unique, real-world inspired projects.

Every two weeks you'll have a new real-world project to add to your resume. Each sprint has theme that challenges you to experiment with new technologies and explore your interests. Each project is unique to you and your small group, these aren't the same old boring class projects you see all the time.

Hear from industry experts & startup founders every week.

Each hackathon sprint has its own theme that challenges you to explore your interests. We'll bring in industry experts and founders who have startups in the space to talk to you about the real challenges they face every day. You'll hear their stories first-hand.

Build a network of collaborators.

During each hackathon sprint you'll have the chance to work with a new set of collaborators. You'll learn what it's like to work together on a project and build strong connections that will last beyond the fellowship.

Don't worry, your mentor is always there to help.

You'll be placed into a small group called a 'Pod' that consists of 20 students and a professional mentor. Your mentor only has one job during the fellowship – help you level up as quickly and as much as possible. You'll be able to go to them for advice, debugging, and everything in between.

Opportunities to build your network & have fun too.

We know that a great internship isn't just about work. We designed this program to be a valuable educational experience with plenty of opportunities for you to build your professional network and have fun too. You can expect an event each week designed to help you learn, build, and share. Hackathons, workshops, socials, and so much more.

The Application Process

Fellowship applications are processed on a rolling basis and close a few weeks before the start of each batch.

Step 1

Submit your application.

Complete the application form to tell us about yourself, your experience, your educational status, & why you want to be an MLH Fellow.

Step 2

Complete your interviews.

Speak to one of our program coordinators & talk through some code with one of our mentors.

Step 3

Finalize your enrollment.

If accepted, provide any required documentation, sign your participation agreement, & prepare for orientation.

Ready to level up?

Apply today & hear back by May 31st.