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The MLH Fellowship is a 12-week internship alternative for aspiring technologists. Fellows on the Web3 track experience what it's like to work with emerging technologies powered by blockchains.

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Upcoming Batches

The MLH Fellowship runs year-round with batches starting every few months. We offer scheduling options that accommodate most major time zones.


Learn about theWeb3 Track

Web3 is the name given to internet services that are built using decentralized blockchains — the distributed ledger systems used by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether. This underlying technology has broad applications, though, and Web3 has grown to encompass gaming, social platforms, crowdfunding, CRMs and more. 

In the Web3 track of the MLH Fellowship, you'll learn the skills needed to build on this quickly evolving part of the web and contribute to cutting-edge Web3 applications. Through expert mentorship, you’ll learn how to code on blockchains like Solana, collaborate on a team, and debug hard problems. By the end of the program, you will gain valuable technical skills and the experience needed for a career in Web3 and beyond.

Everything you need to Launch your Career.

We're rethinking technical education from the ground up. We've incorporated years of expertise helping early technologists launch their careers.

Educational Curriculum

Learn industry best practices using tools like Git & GitHub that you can apply to your project.

Remote First

Our program was designed to be remote from the beginning. Learn from wherever you are.

Small Groups

Join a Pod of 6-12 other fellows that collaborates & goes through the program together.

Technical Mentorship

Learn from professional software engineers using code reviews & pair programming.

Extra Curriculars

Participate in fun & educational events like our speaker series & hackathons.

Real-world Projects

Contribute to real-world projects that people depend on, not just a side project.

Career Training

Practice interviewing & get tactical feedback on your resume from experts.

Educational Stipend

Participants receive an educational stipend to offset costs during select programs.

Sample Schedule

Here's what a typical day in the fellowship might look like. The program runs Monday - Friday in most major timezones.

10:00 AM

Daily Standup

Start your day with your Pod's daily standup where you'll share what you're working on and eliminate blockers.

Pair Programming

Jump into a pair programming session with another fellow to put the finishing touches on a pull request you're working on together.

12:00 PM

Speaker Series

Attend one of the regular speaker sessions where you'll learn from engineers, founders, and talent experts.

02:00 PM

Practical Curriculum

Go through the latest module on the LMS where you're learning practical skills you can apply right away.

Contributing to your Project

Put what you've been learning into into practice by making some edits to your pull request before sending it upstream.

05:00 PM

Code Review

Meet with one of the expert mentors for a code review of the pull request you were working on this morning. Lots of great feedback you can start on in the morning!

Hackers Colaborating

Democratizing Access To

Transformative Tech Education

From running the world's largest community of early-career technologists, MLH knows first-hand that amazing talent is everywhere but opportunity is not. The MLH Fellowship is a new, scalable approach to technical education that draws on MLH's expertise.


Program Graduates


Underrepresented Talent


Countries Worldwide

Program Eligibility

Anyone who meets these eligibility requirements is welcome to apply. MLH expressly invites & encourages people who identify as women, non-binary, Black/African American, or Latin@ to apply. MLH is committed to building a more diverse and inclusive tech industry and providing learning opportunities to technologists who face under-representation, discrimination, or systemic bias worldwide. Additional details around these requirements can be found in the [FAQ](/faq).


You are over the age of 18.

Time Commitment

You are able to commit at least 20 hours per week to this program for the full 12 weeks.

English Comunication

You can communicate proficiently in English, both written and spoken.


You are willing to be online during normal business hours in ET, PT, GMT, or IST.


You reside in a country not embargoed by the United States.

Coding Ability

You know how to code proficiently in at least one programming language.

A/V Setup

You have access to a video call quality Internet connection for remote collaboration.


This program is open to both current and non-students with any educational background.

Application Process

Fellowship applications are processed on a rolling basis and close a few weeks before the start of each batch.

Step 1

Submit your application.

Complete the application to tell us about yourself, your experience, & why you want to be an MLH Fellow.

Step 2

Complete your interviews.

Speak to one of our program coordinators & talk through some code with one of our mentors.

Step 3

Get matched.

MLH will match your skills and interests with our available partners and projects.

Step 4

Finalize your enrollment

Provide any required documentation, sign your participation agreement, & prepare for orientation.

Ready to Level Up?

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