Your engineering internship made more efficient, diverse, & productive.

Tap into the world’s largest and most diverse pool of rising tech talent, and then relax as we screen, onboard, and mentor fellows while they work on your projects.

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Get the benefits of an internship program without the burden.

We're rethinking technical education from the ground up. We've incorporated years of expertise helping early technologists launch their careers.

Sourcing & Screening

We sort through thousands of applications to find the right fellows for your needs.

Smart Matching

Our matching incorporates hard and soft skills from our close experience with applicants.


The MLH community is 41% non-male and taps a broad, global talent pool.

Technical Mentorship

We mentor and coach fellows, so your full-time engineers still have time to code.

Onboarding Support

We help fellows get set up so you’re not wasting weeks on onboarding.

Real-world Projects

With project-based learning, it’s easy to spot and hire top-performers.

Reach More Schools

Our network includes developers from more than 4,000 schools.

Cost Effective

Hiring through the fellowship can save time and money.

Good for students. Good for you.Good for the future of tech.

We founded the MLH Fellowship when students started losing their internships due to COVID-19 fallout. Companies struggled to figure out how to manage interns remotely, budgets were constantly in flux, and internal organizers were burned out. The MLH Fellowship connects our learning community to our enterprise partners by offering to do the messy work: vetting, coaching, dev setup.

We hope this work democratizes much-needed internships by empowering more companies to provide them, expanding access to coveted, yet ironically required, professional experience. For our partners, our student community is diverse, global, and shipping code. They not only fill the skills gap but bring a diversity of mind and experience to technical teams.

How it Works

Step 1

Sponsorship made easy

You choose how many fellows to sponsor for 12 weeks in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Step 2

Diverse candidate sourcing

We source applicants from our international pool of 565,000 community members.

Step 3

More accurate screening

We screen candidates on 1,000+ unique data insights (technical skills, soft skills, location, interest, experience).

Step 4

Minimal management overhead

We connect, coach, & mentor fellows, and if you're working with open source, you can be even more hands-off.

Step 5

Evaluations at your fingertips

We provide you with a 360° evaluation during and after the fellowship.

Step 5

Fast, efficient, diverse, hiring

Hire faster and more accurately with a preview of how a fellow works in the real world.

Does your company host Open Source projects?

The MLH Fellowship hums when we're pairing students with open-source projects. We can fully onboard and facilitate fellow contributions with minimal input from your end.

Democratizing access to

Transformative Tech Education

From running the world's largest community of early career technologists, MLH knows first-hand that amazing talent is everywhere but opportunity is not. The MLH Fellowship is a new, scalable approach to technical education that draws on MLH's expertise.


of all US software engineers are alumni of MLH’s community.


MLH developer education events in the last year.


faster to hire from the MLH Fellowship vs a typical pipeline.

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